Robyn's background...

Robyn studied Drama & Film, and English Literature at Victoria University in Wellington, she went straight on to start a career in the theatre, working in lighting, stage management, publicity and eventually Directing, with the critically acclaimed “Dry White and Friendly”. She also directed Alan Brough in his Comedy sensation “You’ve been a bad bad boy Elvis” which toured from NZ to the Montreal Comedy Festival.

 With itchy feet she headed off overseas which started a new phase in her life, and after four babies returned to the work force as an Assistant Director in the film industry.

 She has worked extensively in New Zealand on many productions including big US funded features “30 Days of Night” and “Deathgasm” (for which her worked earned her an Associate Producer credit as well), and dramas, “Legend of the Seeker” and “Spartacus”. And great New Zealand funded features such as “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” and “The Weight of Elephants”. She also worked in South Africa on the hit “Distirct 9” for Peter Jackson’s company Wingnut Films. Yet to be released are McLaren with Roger Donaldson Directing and Tusi Tamasese’ s new Feature One Thousand Ropes.

 Robyn has also directed three series of “Korero Mai” which is a Maori language based drama for TVNZ.


Robyn's vision...

Having spent the last 20 years working in the film industry as a First Assistant Director, Director and more recently Producer, this is my first short film.

I chose this story because I love the way Marian Keyes portrays women in their most vulnerable times, with fantastic humour. I believe this is how women cope with the most terrible things.

Shit things happen to everybody, the size of the shit is always relative, and how you cope with it is always individual, but the thing I have learnt is that women seem to have a mechanism that allows them to see the shit from the outside, and consequently overcome and carry on.

This project is very important to me for many reasons, and I love the team that has assembled to help me.


© Robyn Grace 2016